A Woman's Brew

A Woman's Brew

By Joanne Love


Welcome to A Woman’s Brew – The Podcast, where women talk about beer!

A Woman’s Brew is two beer loving women on a mission to get more people drinking and talking about great beer.

Joanne & Tori want to talk you through beer styles, breweries we love, beer tasting tips, beer traditions and more from the world of craft beer.

Joanne has been drinking beer for 12 years since she was handed a Sam Adams Boston lager and realised that not all beer was yellow and fizzy. She was traveling the world while working on cruise ships as the time and tried every beer she could get her hands on. About 6 years ago she decided she wanted to learn more about where the aromas and flavours in her favourite beers came from. She started drinking every kind of beer she could get her hands on, reading about beer and learning how to brew her own. During lockdown in the UK in 2020 she set herself the challenge to pass the Cicerone Certified Beer Server exam to earn a qualification in beer, just for fun! She passed with 97% and is now building her beer school Love Beer Learning to support other women discover beer, build their confidence in beer tasting and amplify their voices in the beer community.

Though most people don't believe it, Tori was born and raised near Boston in the US but has been living in the UK since 2013. When she first moved here, she stuck to ciders, Brewdog , and Brewdog guest beers and was a pretty big Brewdog fangirl. Within the last 2 years she started to branch out as she saw the scene grow to a point that she couldn’t miss out on it any longer. She says that since the beginning of 2020, she’s really belly flopped off the deep end into craft beer and hit a level she never thought she would where she now considers this her hobby. She loves taking photos in her spare time and when she travels, so already had a few Instagram accounts on the go, which is why she chose Instagram as the platform to start giving her thoughts on the beers she was trying. She refers to these as her “opinions nobody asked for” and it was just a way for her to pass time during lockdown while dusting off her old, rusty writing skills from many moons ago when she was a journalism student. She met Joanne in a Facebook beer group and after seeing her pass the CBS exam, approached her to create this podcast, where women teach women about beer!

The podcast will be with you once a month with our thoughts and views on the world’s favourite beverage. Find us on your favourite podcasting platforms and don't forget to subscribe.

Website: http://www.lovebeerlearning.co.uk

Instagram: http://instagram.com/lovebeerlearning

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Email: lovebeerlearning@gmail.com

Joanne: http://instagram.com/awomansbrew

Tori: http://instagram.com/adventures_in_hoptimism